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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 11.1 Quarter Mile

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  • Motor built by us here at MT Motorsports
  • Tuned by Alphaspeed
  • Level10 complete transmission build

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What People Are Saying

Travis was very responsive to my texts and once I took my car to his shop we were greeted with a smile. His work was flawless and my car came out great with all the tests he ran. There’s still one more issue we need to figure out but I know I’ll be coming back to him for my future build.
John Solos
November 5, 2018
MT Motorsports is the place to go for your engine build bar none. Travis’ level of expertise is extremely high and yet he finds practical ways to convey it in laymen’s terms that makes it easy to understand the value of any given pathway or part. The custom 3.94L that he built for me is absolutely excellent. It runs better and smoother than the factory engine and can handle an incredible amount of power! I recommend MT Motorsports to every person looking to build a reliable car regardless of platform but especially for those in the Genesis Coupe Community!
Alec Granger
October 9, 2018
Travis @ MT Motorsports is like an evil genius on cars!! I don't let anyone else touch my car! His work is clean and his pricing is more than fair!! Plus , he is always willing to help with a smile on his face. He is probably the most honest guy I have ever met in the industry. If you need any work done on any of your cars, Travis is the man to see!!
Tony Afshari
July 20, 2018
Thank you so much for helping me out with getting my car fixed! From the start over FB messenger I was taken care of like a loyal customer but we had never met! Thank you for making my wife and daughter feel comfortable while they were waiting! Definitely going to recommend!
Chandler Drzal
August 23, 2018
Travis has worked on a few of my cars. From ss brake lines and rigid collar kit on my genesis to hood vents on my wrx. Ive recently got to watch him work on a motor. Ton of attention to detail from tq spec on fasteners to custom one off parts. Highly recommend
Jeremy Spaulding
May 23, 2018
It doesn't get much better than these guys. Amazing parts at the best price. If anyone can get you the part it will for sure be Travis. On top of that the custom deck sleeves that he makes for the genesis are the best in the game. If you need something for sure take your car to him for work and for parts.
Will Windsor
March 15, 2018
Professional Performance Service
We perform upgrades on engines, suspension, brakes drivelines and rebuild engines..
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Henderson, NV 89015
Telephone: 702 301-2408
E-mail: mtmotorsportslv.com
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