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2013 Hyundai genesis coupe 3.8 2nd-4th gear with turbo

OEM Exhaust Manifolds, Turbo kit with 6266 BB Precision, and custom catback exhaust. KW coilovers, Eibach sway bars, Enthuspec Front and Rear Solid Diff Bushings, and Sub Frame Risers. Quick pull on only 6psi from 2nd gear to 4th gear.

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Services Overview

Knowing you have a problem is obvious.

Finding the problem is not so simplistic. Finding the cause is another issue and can be a task. We here your complaint, find the cause and make the correction road test and call you for pick up.

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Ring and Pinion

Gear ratio and the amount of teeth all matter when it comes to torque. The differential allows the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn.

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Suspension Performance Poor?

Try our PBM installation and get the performance you want and your car needs. Make tour car handle the road like it should no more OEM performance

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Clutch Kits Are Endless

In manual transmissions it's important to match up the right flywheel and pressure plate to deliver the maximum torque it can deliver. This will improve the output of torque.

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Engine Compartment Ugly?

Brighten things up a little give your upgrades the look that goes with the parts and labor you paid for. Enjoy your rod wherever you take it. It won't just run good but it will look great.

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Turbo Chargers

If you have one or two we can aquire the right one needed for your build. We offer maintenace plans to keep it running smoothly. Take advantage of them and prevent costly unwanted repairs.

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Professional Performance Service
We perform upgrades on engines, suspension, brakes drivelines and rebuild engines.
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